HP Inc. | Human Rights

HP Inc. | Human Rights
HP believes in creating an inclusive, equitable, and empowering culture for its employees and a platform for human rights that extends beyond HP, striving to drive policy changes that fight racism, advocate for human rights, and advance social justice across the globe. HP has one of the most diverse board of directors of any U.S. technology company, and is one of the top technology companies for women in executive positions.

Empowered Workers: Through its supply chain responsibility program, HP works to improve labor conditions within supplier factories, tackle industry-wide challenges such as forced labor and conflict minerals, and build essential worker and management skills and capabilities. HP aims to reach one million workers through worker empowerment programs by 2030. 

Culture of Inclusion: HP aims to be the leading brand for racial equity and social justice in the technology industry, embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything HP does. The company has a bold goal to achieve 50/50 gender equality in leadershiip by 2030, the first Fortune 100 Tech Company to do so. 

Social Justice: The HP Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force helps HP identify and execute on the biggest opportunities HP has as a company to advance sustainable impact in racial equality. The Task Force is guided by a set of comprehensive goals that will accelerate the strategies, practices, and policies around pipeline, retention, and promotion for Black and African American talent; leverage HP's industry spending power to influence its ecosystem, including HP's partners, vendors, and auppliers; and advocate for Black and African Americans through public policy, civic action, and clear corporate positions on local and national issues. Lean more and follow HP's progress here

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