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In 2016, the U.S. retail industry lost approximately $9 billion dollars to voluntary, entry-level turnover. Such losses are expected to climb as turnover rises across industries from health care to banking. While many companies accept high entry-level turnover as a cost of doing business, some...
Developmental evaluation (DE) can inform and support innovation and adaptation by asking evaluative questions, applying evaluation logic, and gathering and reporting data and findings in accessible and timely ways.
In India, as in many other developing countries, urban population growth and the short­age of planned affordable housing have led to 26–37 million households (33–47 percent of the urban population) living in informal housing (residences on encroached land or in unplanned settlements...
Rising youth unemployment in South Africa calls for action from all sectors.
East Africa has become a focal point for impact investors across the globe, with investments steadily increasing since 2010. Yet despite this growth in recent years, the number of investment opportunities available remains limited. Catalysing Impact Deal Flow in East Africa explores the causes of...



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