Making a Difference in Local Communities

With thirteen pulp and paper mills located throughout North America, actively contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate is in Domtar's fiber. We support a wide range of volunteer and charitable causes in these areas, with a special emphasis on sustainability, education and literacy.

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Conservation Camp Celebrates Sustainable Forestry
When Bonny Skene attended Conservation Camp in 10th grade, she wasn’t looking for a career in forestry. “My parents always encouraged me to try new and different things, and Conservation Camp was definitely new and different,” she says.

Diversity & Inclusion

Paper Science Students Explore Personal Care Career Opportunities
Paper science and engineering students from North Carolina State University saw more than just pulp and paper mills on this year’s Paper International Experience (PIE) trip to Domtar’s Personal Care operations in Toledo, Spain.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Domtar Packs Comfort and Care Diaper Kits for Families
Families with newborn babies face many challenges. While we can’t help with all of them, we do know a bedtime story and a dry bottom can offer some relief during a stressful time. That’s why we recently packed diaper kits to assist low-income families.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

EarthChoice Ambassadors - Better Employees. Stronger Communities
EarthChoice Ambassadors (ECAs) are Domtar employees who volunteer their time and energy to promote sustainable practices that focus on our customers, employees, company and community. By identifying and sharing innovative manufacturing methods, educating and encouraging sustainable habits, and leading by example, ECAs embody our sustainability message throughout the organization.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Kingsport, Tennessee, Paper Mill Drives a Century of Growth
At Domtar, we’re a proud part of the communities where we operate. We not only produce pulp, paper and personal care products in our facilities, but we also support vocational education, environmental sustainability and civic and recreational programs that enhance daily lives for our neighbors. Often, a pulp and paper mill was central to the development of these communities, and decades, or even a century later, that same mill remains one of the area’s largest employers. All of this is true of our Kingsport Mill, located in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Unique Paper Program Benefits Charity, One Ream at a Time
Since 2014, Millcraft’s Buy & Give paper program has given its business customers a way to support local charities through their purchase of Buy & Give paper. Each Buy & Give box is custom made by Domtar with private label wrapping and packaging, and then is filled with Domtar private label office paper. For each carton purchased through the paper program, Millcraft donates $1 to charity.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Truck of Books Event Gives 40,000 Books to Local Teachers
Domtar joined forces with First Book and Classroom Central for the third annual Truck of Books event. The two-day literacy promotion offered 40,000 free books for teachers to share with students in Charlotte, North Carolina, including nearby York County, South Carolina.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Educational and Environmental Programs Define EarthChoice Ambassadors
Educational and environmental programs took center stage for our EarthChoice Ambassadors (ECAs) in 2018, with more than 11,500 volunteer hours spent focusing on communities where we live, work and play. With nearly double the amount of volunteer hours from last year, our ECA chapters are committed to making the world a better place.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Domtar Paper Company Donates Coats to Community Children
Each year during the holiday season, Domtar Paper Company and its Earth Choice program donates new winter coats to children throughout the community. This year, quality manager and Earth Choice ambassador Ryan Olaker and site manager Jerimy Huff visited Washington Middle School, bringing with them 65 brand new coats valued at $2,700.


Domtar Learning Lounge Opens in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania
In today’s technology-driven world, we remain committed to the printed page. We also believe in promoting literacy among children. Most recently, our Johnsonburg Mill in Pennsylvania sponsored a new reading room, the Domtar Learning Lounge, to support literacy and learning at the Johnsonburg Area High School. Troy Wilson, the mill’s paper machine manager, approached the school about how the mill could support school programs. On the school’s project wish list was a reading room at the high school level.

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