Making a Difference in Environmental Responsibility

Widely recognized as the leader in sustainable forestry practices within its industry, Domtar was the first company in North America to offer Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified copy paper. The company also has a history of industry-leading collaboration with Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs), including over a decade of work with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Rainforest Alliance.

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Healthy ‘Bugs’ Help Reduce Algal Growth in Wisconsin River
With 26 power-generating dams over its length, the Wisconsin River lives up to its billing as one of America’s hardest working rivers. However, there is growing concern about algal growth — specifically green and blue-green algae — in Wisconsin’s waterways.As concern over algal growth increases, the state has proposed a requirement for point sources to reduce phosphorous levels in effluent by 80 percent or more. That is where our ‘bugs’ come in. Learn how these microorganisms are working to keep water clean here.


Water Efficiency and Cost Reduction Are Signs of Good Water Management
In recent years, we have taken a closer look at the costs of using water in making pulp and paper. Thanks to a variety of process improvements, we are seeing greater water efficiency and lower costs. We are intentional about our water efficiency, and we return nearly 90 percent of it to its source. In many cases, the water we return is cleaner and clearer than it was originally.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Hawesville Water Conservation Efforts Earn AF&PA Award
The American Forest & Paper Association recently recognized our Hawesville Mill in Kentucky for its water conservation efforts with a 2018 Leadership in Sustainability Award. Hawesville water conservation efforts will save nearly 3.2 million gallons of water per day.


INFOGRAPHIC | American Forest Foundation Partnership Extends Conservation Efforts
Domtar products are part of everyday living for people around the world, and the forests where our products originate are home to a wide range of wildlife. That’s why protecting both habitats and resources is so important to us. Our conservation efforts are a foundational part of our sustainability philosophy of responsibility, efficiency and engagement.


The Great Debate: Plastic vs. Paper Drinking Straws
Paper or plastic? It’s a debate that has raged for years about a variety of goods, including grocery bags, food packaging materials, lollipop sticks, personal care items and other single-use products. The latest item to make headlines is the humble straw. Plastic drinking straws are ubiquitous, but they may soon take a backseat to paper drinking straws.


Water Conservation at Domtar: Our Process From River to Mill
Pulp and paper manufacturing is a water-intensive process. All of our mills are located in watersheds with sufficient supplies, but responsible water management and water conservation will always be a significant part of our sustainability efforts at Domtar.


Domtar Inaugurates Its Second Generating Unit at Windsor Mill
Domtar is proud to inaugurate its second generating unit with a power output of 18 MW at its Windsor (Quebec) Mill.

The start-up of its second generating unit, built for $36 million, will improve the energy efficiency of the mill produced from renewable resources while reducing production costs.

Sustainable Development Goals

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future
The swaths of land that stretch across the southeastern United States are privately held by individual landowners, posing a unique challenge to environmentally-minded companies set on increasing the number of certifed lands.


Touring Domtar's Sustainably-Managed Forests
Domtar and the World Wildlife Fund are working to expand America's sustainably-managed wood basket. Take a virtual tour of the forests that supply Domtar with the wood fiber that also assures customers that their products come from forests that will thrive for generations to come.


What's Your EarthChoice
During Earth Week 2017 Domtar employees took part in numerous events promoting care for the natural environment, from holding recycling drives to educating about home gardening.

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