Behind Domtar's Landowners: Donna Janssen

The latest installment of Domtar’s award-winning Paper Made Here video series, The Steward
Feb 9, 2016 2:40 PM ET

Last year, Domtar made the decision to be more vocal about the importance of purchasing paper made in North America with customers, prospects, media and environmental groups.

Since launching in early 2015, Paper Made Here has had great success promoting the many benefits of buying North American paper and has helped position Domtar as a leader in job creation, community engagement and sustainability. This year, Domtar will continue to encourage customers, media, policymakers, environmental groups and the public to ask themselves the ever-important question: where does my paper come from?”

As such, today marks the release of the latest installment of Domtar’s award-winning Paper Made Here video series, The Steward. This new video tells the story about the integral role small forest landowners in responsible forest management.

As you’ll see, The Steward takes a close look at Donna Janssen and her family’s longstanding history as forest caretakers in Southwestern Arkansas—and how Domtar has supported their journey to become sustainable forest managers. Not only is Donna a wonderful role model, she’s also a valued Domtar partner and has worked very closely over the years with Domtar’s team at Ashdown.

Landowners are increasingly important stakeholders and their support is crucial to the long-term health and future of our forests. This year, through the work of Paper Made Here and Domtar’s EarthChoice sustainability platform, Domtar is focusing their efforts on empowering small landowners like Donna to seek third-party certifications and better understand how to sustainably manage their land, in order to ensure that their forests stay forests for future generations to come.