Message From Domtar's President and CEO on Inclusion, Diversity and Respect

Jun 5, 2020 11:10 AM ET

Many of us have a deep sense of anxiety in these unsettling times, so let us remind ourselves that we, the Domtar community, stand together with a common commitment to inclusion, diversity, respect and support for one another. Our core Domtar value of Caring holds us together and allows us to see beyond the current situation, which eludes full understanding, into a future of social peace and justice.

We must not minimize the angst that is currently tearing the fabric of our society. It is real and it must be addressed. But at the same time, let’s find inspiration and hope in the better angels of nature who, over the past few months in the midst of a global pandemic, have been supporting each other and the communities we serve without regard to color or creed.

In these difficult times, I thank you not only for the great work you do for Domtar but also for being caring colleagues, engaged community members and advocates for justice.

John D. Williams
President and CEO