Making a Difference in Innovative Manufacturing

As a manufacturer that provides nearly 9,000 jobs across North America, Domtar has taken innovative measures to ensure that its products are produced responsibly. Instilling transparency and environmental values among employees helps the company embed sustainability into Domtar’s operations.

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Responsible Production & Consumption

Hawesville Mill’s Continuous Improvement Projects Deliver Results
Five years after the introduction of a transformative barge unloading system, our Hawesville Mill continues to embark on projects that help increase reliability and performance in producing pulp and paper. These continuous improvement projects are saving time, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and lowering our environmental impact.

Innovation & Technology

Cellulosic Sugars: The Latest Domtar Innovation
Wood — the building block of all Domtar products — is composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Cellulose and hemicellulose can be converted into cellulosic sugars. In our ongoing quest to find innovative ways to use every part of every tree we harvest, our R&D teams are looking for ways to turn those cellulosic sugars into a wide range of biomaterials and biochemicals. Cellulosic sugars can be made into a wide range of biomaterials that can help our partners reduce their use of fossil fuels and minimize their carbon footprints.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Preventing Wood Fiber Loss Improves Efficiency — and the Bottom Line
Most New Year’s resolutions are meant to improve some aspect of life. Here at Domtar, we’re making resolutions to improve our manufacturing operations. Two of our pulp and paper mills are actively working to reduce wood fiber loss and increase efficiency in 2019. Beyond the immediate costs of lost production, wood fiber loss causes additional issues at a mill’s effluent treatment plant, where the mill has to spend even more time and money to process the additional fiber and produce sludge that is provided to local farmers as a soil amendment.

Innovation & Technology

Q&A With Mark DeAndrea: Domtar’s BioMaterials Innovation Team
Petroleum is derived from plant and animal matter that has been underground, under extreme heat and pressure, for millennia, slowly becoming fossil fuel. At Domtar, we can now achieve the same result in less than a day at a pulp mill, where we break down wood into cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and extractives — materials that are renewable and managed sustainably, without releasing sequestered CO2 into the atmosphere.

Our BioMaterials Innovation team is looking for ways to leverage our asset base, including but not limited to our mills and our biomass supply chain.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Data Drives Decisions in 21st-Century Manufacturing
In 21st-century manufacturing, data is king. Data analysis is often a key factor in helping business leaders make informed decisions that drive business strategy, performance and innovation. Today, Domtar uses a plant analysis and visualization tool called PARCview to monitor up-to-the-minute manufacturing data across our network of pulp and paper mills.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Waste-Reduction Initiatives: A Key Part of Sustainability
At Domtar, our position as a forest products industry leader is rooted in our ability to focus on sustainability across our manufacturing processes. That’s apparent in the great progress we’ve made toward achieving our 2020 sustainability goals, especially through our waste-reduction initiatives.

Green Infrastructure

Operational Efficiency Builds Sustainable Future at Plymouth Mill
In 2017, Domtar set forth a vision to establish our pulp business as a growth driver for the company. Since then, the pulp leadership team has enacted tangible plans to optimize and improve operational efficiency at Domtar’s core pulp mills through a combination of capital investments and continuous improvement projects with the goal to grow the business into a world-class global supplier with strong long-term customer partnerships.

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Domtar Wins Two Pulp And Paper International Awards

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Domtar Remporte Deux Prix Du « Pulp And Paper International »

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