Domtar Paper Made Here

Apr 2, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Domtar’s Paper Made Here program aims to raise awareness about the importance of buying North American paper. The program encourages our customers, environmental groups, policymakers, and the public to ask themselves: “where does my paper come from?” Paper Made Here demonstrates why buying North American paper is the most responsible social, economic, and environmental choice. 

Domtar is proud to be a pioneer in sustainable forestry, a North American job creator, an investor in local communities, and a consistently reliable partner to our customers. 

As part of Paper Made Here, Domtar has created a short documentary, entitled A Portrait on Paper. This documentary, which looks at the life of one of Domtar’s own employees from our Marlboro Mill in Bennettsville, South Carolina, is a personal and powerful way to experience and share the Paper Made Here story. The documentary features a 20-year Domtar veteran, showing how North American paper companies, like Domtar, positively impact the lives of North American workers, their families, and their local communities. 

This employee’s story is just one of thousands within the North American paper industry.

In fact, the North American paper industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, and Domtar, alone, provides nearly 9,000 jobs across North America. 

If you enjoy the video, and find it as powerful and meaningful as we do, we hope you will share it with friends and family.