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This campaign features content brought to you from The Paper Trail, Domtar’s award-winning digital transparency tool. Sharing the environmental, social and economic impacts of Domtar’s supply chain, The Paper Trail gives users a unique look at the people and places behind Domtar’s products. Users are presented with gate-to-gate impact estimates across five environmental categories: Fiber, GHG Emissions, Water, Renewable Energy and Waste. Visitors get a better feel for where their paper comes from after viewing mill histories, stories and even photos of local landmarks from the town that makes the paper they use. Finally, facts about the company’s positive effects on local communities and role as a major employer throughout North America are highlighted in the tool. With consumers increasingly concerned with the impacts of their purchase decisions, The Paper Trail offers the transparency they deserve. Start your journey today at

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Responsible Production & Consumption

How Much Do You Know About…Paper? Take Our Paper Quiz
Are you a Paper Pro or a Paper Novice? Whether you have worked in the printing or paper industry for decades or you are just starting out, take this quiz to find out if you are on top of your paper game.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

INFOGRAPHIC | Domtar's The Paper Trail: Meeting the Market’s Evolving Needs for Supply Chain Transparency
As global supply chains continue to grow in complexity, it’s getting harder for consumers to know where the products they use every day actually come from, much less the deeper details associated with their manufacture. Domtar’s supply chain transparency tool, The Paper Trail®, presents the environmental, social and economic impacts of its pulp and paper products, providing customer the transparency they deserve.

Media & Communications

Domtar Improves the Paper Trail, Providing Increased Supply Chain Transparency for Pulp and Paper Products
Domtar Corporation today announced improvements to its award-winning supply chain transparency tool, The Paper Trail® (, offering customers a deeper look into the company’s products and the people and places behind their manufacture.

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The History of Domtar's Ashdown Mill

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