2019 Domtar Sustainability Report

Domtar harnesses one of the world’s most renewable resources – wood – in the service of literacy, education, communication, commerce, personal dignity, good hygiene, and the development of sustainable alternatives to petroleum hydrocarbons. And that is a story that is material to everyone. Welcome to the 2019 Domtar Sustainability Report.

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Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Domtar's Sustainability Report Dazzles
Domtar has earned the leading spot in the "Annual Report" category for the PR Daily Awards due to the report's "striking photos, large and compelling infographics and top-notch writing".


"Teeming" for Wildlife in Pennsylvia
For more than 20 years, this Domtar mill has been using organic and nutrient-rich wastewater treatment residuals and acid-balancing lime residuals to rejuvenate old mine site

Responsible Production & Consumption

What Waste? Domtar Plant Achieves Its Zero-Waste Goal
When Mark Clack joined Domtar in 2016 as the manager of the Delaware, Ohio, personal care facility, he noted that an impressive 80% of the manufacturing byproducts was being beneficially used or recycled. He made it his goal to reach 100&.


Domtar Has The Right Chemistry Between Shareholders and the Planet to Succeed
After much work and fine-tuning with the Domtar Continuous Improvement initiative in mind, we are now producing the same amount of pulp with less chemicals – an environmental and economic win-win.


Water May Be Cheap; Using It Isn’t
In recent years, Domtar has taken a closer look at the costs of using water in making pulp and paper. And thanks to a variety of process improvements, we are seeing greater water efficiency and lower costs.


The Risk of Oversimplifying Water
The World Resources Institute has developed a global, online resource, Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, to help companies better understand water risk by providing a high-level screening of potential risks in watersheds where they operate.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Domtar's Plymouth Mill Continues Its Sustainability Journey
Domtar’s major investments in Plymouth are testimony to its commitment to the mill’s future and ongoing support for its sustainability journey.


Domtar Pushes Towards a Lower-Carbon Economy
Thanks to a long history of effectively managing energy, including efforts to optimize our use of carbon-neutral biomass fuels, Domtar is well positioned to meet expectations for a lower-carbon economy.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Domtar EarthChoice Ambassadors in Action
Employees in Jesup, Georgia, partnered with first-grade teacher Kristyn May and James E. Bacon Elementary to develop an outdoor classroom for the school’s garden project.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Bringing Comfort and Care to Support Camp Blue Skies
We proudly support Camp Blue Skies; an overnight camp for adults with disabilities. In 2018, Domtar volunteers worked with the camp to set up activities for campers, including zip lines, ropes courses, Frisbee games and post-lunch singalongs.

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