CLP | Supporting Education and Career Development

With the aim to nurture the next generation and unleash the potential of emerging leaders, CLP has been supporting education at different levels across Asia Pacific.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Reaching for Dreams
Young people are a source of unlimited creativity and inspiration. They can rejuvenate and transform a workplace and the people around them. A group of young CLP interns recently recalled their journey.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Cartoon Networking
Cartoons are not just fun. They can inspire children to learn about energy saving and sustainability, gifting them with lifelong values. Check out how CLP has been using animated videos to get the message across.

Diversity & Inclusion

Engineering a More Equal Future
Women are generally underrepresented in the engineering sector where less than one in 10 qualified engineers in Hong Kong are female. CLP is taking innovative steps to even up the profession’s gender imbalance.


Bringing Sunshine to Young Lives Worldwide
Solar energy can be a power for good in many ways. At one Hong Kong college, it’s not only helping the environment but also lighting up the lives of bright youngsters from Lebanon and Slovakia to Madagascar and Cambodia.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Facing Up to a New-Normal Future
School life has been profoundly affected by the pandemic. CLP has been going out into the community to help children adapt and cope with the impact of COVID-19.


A Gift of Green Education for a Land Rich in Natural Beauty
It is a land of spectacular natural beauty – an azure sky, rolling grassland, crystal-clear rivers, roaming herds of cattle, and, in summertime, blooming galsang flowers, a native floral species that symbolises the happiness of the Tibetan people.


Learning From Masters at the Power Industry’s Shaolin Temple
For centuries, apprentices have learned from masters of their craft by shadowing and taking instructions from their masters to gain new skills so that precious knowledge is passed to the next generation.

It is a tradition CLP has enthusiastically embraced. But in an era of rapid technological advances and a highly sophisticated customer marketplace, apprenticeships have evolved to combine mentorship with the best possible classroom training.


Kid Power to Help Save the Earth
“Do you want to help save the planet?” CLP Power graduate trainee Crystal Kwan asked a group of kindergarten students. In a split second, more than a dozen hands shot up into the air as the boys and girls cried out in unison: “Yes, I do. I do.” CLP Power Hong Kong is sowing the seeds of energy efficiency and conservation in children through kindergarten visits while motivating the community to live a low-carbon life.


CLP Stimulates Young People’s Interest in Energy and the Environment
The CLP Group has kept up its efforts in supporting education in the areas of energy and the environment at different levels across Asia Pacific by tailoring plans to local needs and engaging various partners.


A Crusade for a Sustainable Tomorrow
CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability Charles Ng Wang Wai outlines his mission to make the world more sustainable for future generations.

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