Reaching for Dreams

Reaching for Dreams

Young CLP interns seek to find innovative solutions when working towards their goals.

Alex Cheng, Andrew Tai, Jennie lu and Katy Hui share their unique internship experience at CLP.

Jennie shows off some of the ideas she contributed for CLP’s 120th anniversary souvenirs.

Katy designed a set of fun quizzes for CLP’s 120th anniversary celebrations.

Monday, July 12, 2021 - 8:00am

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The image of graduates joyfully throwing their caps into the air after receiving their degrees perfectly captures the fresh-faced optimism of young people ready to go out and conquer the working world.

But after their caps fall back to the ground, many of them face the harsh reality of not being able to land an entry-level job because they lack the previous work experience required by many employers.

For those who do manage to get a foot in the door, the work they find themselves doing is not always what they had hoped for in terms of raising their skill levels and helping them to carve out exciting careers.

Today’s graduates from Generation Z are “digital natives” – young people with strong levels of digital literacy and creativity across a diverse range of media. CLP places a high value on their innate skillsets in terms of innovation and agility with modern technology.

Further to the sharing of some of CLP’s interns who explored smart energy solutions, here are the views of four more of them on how working at CLP has prepared them for the challenges of the future while inspiring people around them to re-evaluate their own ideas about what is possible…

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