SAP's Sustainable Corporate Strategy

SAP's Sustainable Corporate Strategy
In March 2013 and March 2014, SAP published an integrated report – meaning that we combined the SAP Annual Report and the SAP Sustainability Report. This allows us to highlight the connections between our financial and non-financial performance. We believe that this shift holds both practical and symbolic importance. First, we are signaling that the business landscape has changed, and the information needed to evaluate performance must change with it. Considering our past financial results and our financial outlook alone does not adequately capture our ability to respond to today’s challenges or how we create value. Instead, our future success hinges on how well we holistically navigate the social, environmental, and economic contexts in which we operate.
Second, we are driving sustainability more deeply into our business. SAP is moving from having a sustainability strategy to creating a corporate strategy that is sustainable.  To ensure our future success, we must create solutions that address the major trends and issues of our time – from the pervasiveness of mobile technology to the pressures of population growth, the worldwide expansion of the middle class, the unprecedented power of people to connect, and the stress on ecosystems and other natural resources.

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