SAP Extends Free Sustainability Lessons to Other Businesses

Jun 18, 2014 11:55 AM ET

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There are countless courses in sustainability, but how many are free? SAP recently developed an "open" course pulling together the lessons learned from SAP's own sustainability program as well as its sustainability software. With 14,500 learners enrolled in the first five weeks, openSAP is a whopping success. I talked with Dr. Will Ritzrau, the man responsible for pulling it all together, to learn more about it.

A level playing field

The openSAP "Sustainability and Business Innovation" course is based on the Massive Open Online Courses offered by many universities today. MOOCs feature an interactive community of learners and accessible online learning platform. They aim to level the playing field in education by providing accessibility, affordability and convenience to the public in a multitude of content areas.

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