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In 2023, SAP Sapphire, our flagship customer event, reflects our company’s sustainability strategy outlined in our Integrated Report and is built on a foundation of consistent and high-impact sustainable practices. Meaningful business impact can happen when sustainability is truly integrated into business processes. Ledger-based carbon accounting is an essential capability for companies to achieve their net zero emissions ambitions. With our Green Ledger, SAP is leading the vision to help companies manage sustainable business data bottoms-up with actual data rather than estimates or averages. At SAP, our belief is that data and process enabled technology has the strongest potential to help you achieve your net-zero ambitions at scale. Together, we can enable a future with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

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Decarbonization Through Emission Transparency: Introducing SAP Sustainability Data Exchange
Companies aim to be role models in the fight against carbon emissions by making public commitments to reduce emissions. Today, more than 400 companies worldwide have signed the Climate Pledge, committing to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.


What Gets Measured, Gets Managed – Record, Report, and Act to Decarbonize Using SAP Sustainability Footprint Management
SAP Sustainability Footprint Management, a cloud-native solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform, enables enterprises to calculate and analyze their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Green Ledger: Where Carbon and Financial Accounting Unite
Existing approaches to climate change aren’t doing enough, especially when most of your emissions are stuck in your supply chain.


SAP Introduces Transactional Carbon Accounting to Accelerate Climate Action
SAP’s approach to transactional carbon accounting comprises three future-proof capabilities.

Innovation & Technology

How ERP Is Breaking Down Silos and Driving Sustainable Change
SAP and IBM understand how to help companies move the needle on their ESG commitments, without sacrificing their business needs or profitability.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability at SAP Sapphire in 2023
Sustainability at SAP became a long-term strategic goal in 2009. Ever since this commitment, SAP has prioritized a combination of economic performance, environmental protection, and social responsibility to make businesses sustainable.

Sustainable Development Goals

Transforming Carbon Accounting Systems
Sustainable companies are setting ambitious climate targets to cover their operations and supply chains. To help those companies meet their commitments, SAP has become an innovation partner in the Value Chain Carbon Transparency Pathfinder program from the WBCSD.
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  8. SAP Sapphire 2023
    In 2023, SAP Sapphire, our flagship customer event, reflects our company’s sustainability strategy outlined in our Integrated Report and is built on a...
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