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Climate change is top of mind for government and business leaders worldwide who are committing to driving down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through ambitious net-zero targets. Now, actions need to measure up to commitments. A necessary foundation for corporate climate action, particularly in the supply chain, is that businesses can record, report and act on reliable and accessible emissions data. Sustainability is not just good for the environment; it is also good for the bottom line, by increasing resource efficiency, improving governance practices, cultivating a positive reputation, and future-proofing against regulation. Together, SAP and our customers are driving towards zero emissions.

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Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Vestas: Powering Quality in the Supply Chain
SAP Business Network enables Vestas to run all its procurement and supply chain collaboration processes online – even beyond company boundaries.

Sustainable Development Goals

Scope 3 Emissions in the Telecommunications Industry: Driving Sustainable Transformation
Now is the time for telecommunications companies to step up with courageous leadership, collective action across the ecosystem, transparency, and a laser focus on reducing scope 3 emissions.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Finance and Data Analysts Can Become Key Enablers for a Sustainable Future – Here’s How
We can expedite climate action by harnessing the expertise of finance professionals and data analysts alongside enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Green Infrastructure

How Can the Chemicals Industry Capitalize on Carbon Reduction Opportunities?
The decarbonization of a multitude of industries hinges on the ability of the chemicals industry to successfully standardize and exchange carbon footprint data.


How High Tech Helps S.Oleum Deliver ESG Metrics You Can Trust
How can a three-year-old agroforestry company produce trustworthy, sustainable feedstock – raw materials for finished goods, energy, and more – while reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere?


Iberdrola and Vestas Join Forces in the Energy Transition
A future world in which nine billion people live well, within planetary boundaries, requires a set of systemic changes in production, distribution, and consumption. Only then can the current system move from fossil fuels into an electricity model based on renewable energies.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

How the New World of Invisible Banking Supports Decarbonization
Santander CIB has partnered with SAP to expand the digitization of their global transaction banking services.


Lundin Mining Modernizes for Sustainable Growth in the New Energy Economy
As the world shifts to a lower carbon future, Lundin Mining is pursuing an ambitious expansion strategy, building on its own history of innovation to take a well-deserved leadership role in the new energy economy.


SAP Focuses on Key Suppliers To Reduce Carbon Emissions
Organizations are developing net-zero emissions strategies to take tangible climate action. These strategies often require close collaboration with customers, business partners, and suppliers.


On World Oceans Day, Recognize the Benefits of Healthy Oceans
Having accurate data available at the right time is crucial for businesses when it comes to eliminating waste, like plastics, from their products and processes.
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