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The term sustainability is related not only to the environment, but to an organization’s ability to support its workforce, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. An integrated approach to people sustainability drives positive economic and environmental outcomes, ensures equal opportunities, manages the human impact of a business, and protects entire value chains.  SAP and our customers are working together to enable a future with zero inequality.

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Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Human Rights Day: The Role of Business in Respecting People and Their Rights
On December 10, 2023, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s a day to honor and remember the universality and indivisibility of human rights.

Health & Healthcare

SAP Success Stories: Underway in the Amazon With the Hospital Boat
Khouri was a member of the 2023 expedition of Doutores das Águas (Doctors of the Waters), a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Brazil that provides medical and dental care alongside essential socioenvironmental education, to the isolated communities of the Amazon River Basin.

Innovation & Technology

EY Helps Refugees With EY ERA, a Mobile Emergency Response App on SAP BTP
In February 2022, the world witnessed a humanitarian crisis due to the unthinkable Russian war on Ukraine. Overnight, millions of Ukrainians fled their country and became refugees, with the vast majority pouring into Poland in search of asylum.

Diversity & Inclusion

From Mentorship to Female Empowerment: Learnings From Our Partnership With the Global Give Back Circle
Today, on the 11th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) International Day of the Girl Child, we shine a spotlight on the progress and persistent challenges that young women face.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

People, Pizza, Planet, and Profit: Driving Positive Outcomes by Investing in Employees
People create new business models, lead critical initiatives, and effect change. With a people-first approach, organizations are more resilient, more capable, more innovative, and more motivated to deliver on sustainability goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Policies Are at Threat – Here’s How To Keep Them on Track
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is under fire. In the United States (US), the courts recently ruled that race could no longer be a factor in university admissions, defeating affirmative action policies.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Why Social Responsibility Is Your Business’s Secret Weapon
Hey folks, in today's episode of the Climate Confident podcast I dive into the world of corporate social responsibility with Gitte Winther Bruhn, the Global Head of Social Responsibility Solutions at SAP.

Events, Media & Communications

SAP Gears Up for UNGA 78
The SDG Summit takes center stage at UNGA this year, a crucial gathering that occurs every four years.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Braskem Takes The Lead In Solving Human Rights Issues In The Plastics Supply Chain
Speaking at SAP Sapphire in São Paulo, de Santana explained that for Braskem, delivering sound business to the communities where it operates is an important pillar of its sustainable development strategy, a commitment strengthened after the Maceió events.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Working in the World’s Most Sustainable Buildings Is Good for Employee Morale and for Business
Companies that invest in green buildings not only save money, improve efficiency, and lower carbon emissions, they also create healthier places for people.
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    The term sustainability is related not only to the environment, but to an organization’s ability to support its workforce, suppliers, customers, and...
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