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It's our responsibility to lead by example. SAP aspires to a world with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. Our corporate sustainability approach is to create positive economic, social, and environmental impact within planetary boundaries – with a special focus on holistic steering and ESG reporting, climate action, circular economy, and social responsibility. We strive to embed impact measurement into our business decision-making and target-setting across our entire value chain, using capabilities and insights provided through our software solutions.

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Sustainable Development Goals

SAP Goes the Distance With EV Fleet Digitalization
Electric vehicles (EVs) are transforming the mobility experience in corporate fleet management. A great example is the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and SAP where the companies are both customers and vendors to each other.


SAP’s Journey to Net Zero 2030
The world faces increasing climate and social crises. Comprehensive assessments have given us a deeper understanding of the science and the role of industry.

Research, Reports & Publications

What Industry Analysts Say About SAP Sustainability
For nearly 15 years, SAP has committed to being a sustainability leader both in our operations and through our sustainability product offerings for customers. Industry analysts review and assess the sustainability performance of companies across industries.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Funding Round 2023: Promoting Zero Waste and Zero Emissions at SAP
Through the SAP Sustainability portfolio, we envision helping our customers and partners become a network of intelligent, sustainable enterprises.


How SAP-Funded Trees Help Reforestation Programs
It’s estimated that Earth is home to 3 trillion trees, storing an amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent to nearly a century’s worth of our current annual fossil fuel emissions. But this natural CO2 buffer is in jeopardy as we continue to lose forests at alarming rates.

Sustainable Development Goals

How RISE With SAP and GROW With SAP Contribute to SAP’s Net-Zero Journey
RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP, two flagship solutions designed to help our customers migrate to cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), are essential elements in SAP’s net-zero journey.


Acknowledging SAP’s ESG Efforts
SAP has lived up to being a good example by making its own operations and processes more sustainable and resilient.

Sustainable Development Goals

Earth Day 2023: A Moment for Recognizing Employee Contributions
Each year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries to advocate for environmental protection. It may be hard to believe, but the first Earth Day was half a century ago.

Sustainable Development Goals

SAP and EKOenergy Partner for a Renewable Future
SAP has been using 100% renewable electricity to power all its data centers and offices since 2014. In the journey to 100% renewable electricity, SAP chose the internationally recognized EKOenergy label.

Green Infrastructure

SAP Labs India: A Pioneer in Transitioning to Electric Vehicles
SAP E-Mobility can enable companies and governments to manage charging infrastructure networks to drive the transition to sustainable electric mobility.
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