Dell CSR Reporting – Annual Updates on Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan

Dell CSR Reporting – Annual Updates on Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan

FY19 Annual Update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan | FY19 CSR Report

In 2013, we introduced our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan with ambitious sustainability and social goals to put our technology and expertise to work to do the most good for people and the planet. In June 2019 we delivered our final report on these goals, and are proud to announce that we have completed, or exceeded, over 75% of the goals ahead of schedule. These achievements demonstrate how we have scaled sustainability, empowered people and established technology as an accelerator for positive customer and societal outcomes for years to come.

That final report on our 2020 Plan is at

Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan has been a fantastic foundation, but we recognize there is more to do. As we look to 2030, we remain focused on understanding emerging societal challenges and how to innovate for impact — so today’s challenges don’t define the next generation. We are committed to using our reach, technology and people to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet.

On June 9, 2019, we published Progress Made Real – Our Vision for 2030, focused on three key areas: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, and transforming lives with technology. Foundational to the vision is a commitment to upholding strong ethics and privacy. Over the coming year, we plan to release specific goals and will continue to demonstrate transparent reporting practices on key advancements related to this vision.

We invite you to read through our 2020 Legacy of Good achievements and Our Vision for 2030 as you think about your own commitments and consider joining us in making progress real. To learn more, please visit 

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