VIDEO | The Next Billion Video & Our Sustainable Path Forward – A Progress Update on #LegacyofGood

By Trisa Thompson
Jul 8, 2014 8:20 AM ET

Originally published on Direct2Dell

Today we released our FY14 Corporate Responsibility Report. This is our first progress update on the goals we shared last fall in our 2020 Legacy of Good plan, and I’m thrilled to preview a few highlights with all of you.

  • We reduced the energy intensity of our product portfolio by 23.2 percent over the last two years. Customers who purchased products in FY14 can expect to spend $449 million less on electricity to power these products over their lifetime compared to those purchased in 2012. Imagine what you could do with an extra $449 million dollars!
  • In addition to enabling team members to work how and where you’re most productive, our Connected Workplace program helped avoid 6,700 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions last year, equivalent to eliminating nearly 16 million miles driven.
  • We are helping underserved youth by putting our technology, expertise and dollars to work where it can do the most good. Through our strategic giving partners, we impacted the lives of more than half a million children last year. Our solar-powered Dell Learning Labs in Africa are a great example of how innovation is making a difference in young people’s lives. These mobile labs are outfitted with Dell Wyse zero clients that are so energy efficient, the entire lab can be powered by solar panels.
  • As a result of our efficient fulfillment processes and increased purchases of renewable resources, we reduced greenhouse gas emissions from facilities and logistics by 8 percent – you would need to plant 1.9 million trees to absorb that much carbon, which is approximately 73 times the number of trees in New York City’s Central Park.

FY14 was a year of social and environmental progress – of doing “more good” and having an important impact on our customers, team members, communities and the planet. We’re well on our way to leaving a #LegacyofGood by 2020.

This story shares one example of how Dell is committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet.

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