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Join us each month for provocative conversations with leaders in corporate citizenship focused on employee giving and volunteering. Our episodes are live the second Wednesday of every month.
Regional Impact Councils are a key mechanism towards achieving the mandate and objectives of IMPACT2030. The goals of the councils will vary according to composition, the SDG goals and targets addressed, regional issues and priorities, the interest and capacity of the community partners, the...
While employees around the world navigate the challenges of our global health crisis, companies have a unique opportunity to cultivate powerful cultures of inclusivity and belonging through strategic approaches to employee giving and volunteering. Now more than ever, employees are seeking a sense...
Many companies have employee volunteer programs, but for many companies in Europe, Canada and the US these programs are underfunded, underdeveloped and underutilized. This blog series is meant to offer a number of compelling reasons why your business needs to invest (a bit more) in employee...

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