Understanding Our Nonprofit Partners: Who Are Our Partners in Impact?

Apr 10, 2023 11:00 AM ET
Understanding our Nonprofit Partners: Who are our partners in impact?

We know that because you’re here, you know the value of a strong nonprofit partnership. When executed well, cross-sector partnerships have the potential to generate sustainable solutions to some of the world’s greatest issues. But what do we collectively know about the nonprofit in its environment? Most of us have worked adjacent to the sector, but we lose visibility regarding their limitations in achieving their desired impact. 

How can we, as volunteer leaders, intentionally support our partners in impact? Hint: It starts by understanding the value of these partnerships. We, as volunteer leaders, also need to consider our role in this structure and how it has traditionally come from a place of saviorism and nonauthorized power. When we show up to our volunteer experience ready to receive a new perspective and a challenge that may not always fit into our carefully constructed box of solutions, we open ourselves up to change, too, leading to growth for us, for the nonprofit, and the communities we hope to impact with our work. 

In this blog, you'll gain an understanding of the basics of nonprofits, what they mean to us as partners and how we can intentionally support them.