FedEx Launches 50 Days of Caring to Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) today kicked off a 50-day countdown to April 17, 2023, the day FedEx celebrates 50 years of operations, with its 50 Days of Caring initiative.

Strategy. Action. Results. Regions Bank Launches Making Life Better Institute

Regions Bank announced the launch of its Making Life Better Institute℠, a program that reflects the bank’s mission statement and brings together a wide range of community engagement efforts.

Defending Animals and Overcoming Disabilities Through Accessible Technology

Some animals in Argentina are lucky to have the generous and tireless support of Carolina Ragazzon, who fights through disability to help others.

9 Ways Data Science Can Accelerate Your Social Impact Work

For people working across the philanthropic sector, data science can feel like an unwieldy topic. Where do you start? What data is important? How does it fit into your community work?

Podcast: Constructing a Purpose-Built Career

Angela Parker, CEO and co-founder of Realized Worth, shares insights about what skillsets are most in demand, how to pitch and get approval for your ideas, and how to keep your life’s purpose front-and-center, no matter what your career throws at you.

Why a Suncor Turnaround Maintenance Event Was Given the Cree Name – Project Mamawi

Project Mâmawi brings benefits to the wider region with 24 Indigenous-owned vendors supplying goods and services to the turnaround.

25 Volunteering Ideas for National Volunteer Week and Beyond

Looking for inspiration for National Volunteer Week? Here are 25 volunteering ideas that will inspire your employees to participate and help to build a purpose-driven company culture people want to be part of.

Deckers Brands Logs Over 6,000 Volunteer Hours for Its February 2023 Art of Kindness Event

Deckers Brands, a leading lifestyle and footwear company, recently celebrated its sixth biannual Art of Kindness week of volunteering. The event brought together employees from across the globe to make a collective impact on their local communities.

PNC Bank Deploys Mobile Branch to Atlanta

PNC Bank officially debuted its Mobile Branch program in Atlanta at Focused Community Strategies (FCS), underscoring PNC’s commitment to positively impacting the communities in which it operates by making banking easier and more accessible.

Arrow Electronics Employees Give Back by Building Bikes for Denver Students in Title I Schools

The bike-building project was an initiative with Wish for Wheels, a Denver-based non-profit. Since 2004, they have distributed new bikes and helmets to 75,000 second-graders in underserved schools across the United States.

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