6 Communications Principles To Boost Engagement in Your Employee Giving and Volunteering Programs

Apr 17, 2023 10:00 AM ET
6 Communications Principles to Boost Engagement in Your Employee Giving and Volunteering Programs

It’s hard for employees to engage with giving and volunteering programs…when they don’t even know they exist. Which is why an effective communications strategy is critical.

As the person charged with engagement in these programs, your first challenge is to simply to cut through the clutter to get your employees’ attention. From there, you need to keep their attention long enough to pique their interest and then make it easy for them to take an action. Objectively it’s a simple equation, but as you probably know, it’s far from easy.

In our most recent RealTalk webinar, we broke down six principles to keep in mind as you formulate your employee engagement communications approach this year. We’ve summarized the highlights from our discussion in this blog (but be sure to watch for a few extra insights!).

Implementing and practicing these 6 principles is no easy task, so take on what you can today and come back for more when you're ready (or put Social REV's ready-to-use templates and tools to work!). If there's a principle, step, or tip we're missing be sure to let us know! We'd love to hear what's working for your program right now.