Let’s Do This! 9 Simple Steps for Individual Goal-Setting

Apr 7, 2023 1:25 PM ET
Let’s do this! 9 Simple Steps for Individual Goal-Setting

Finished up your team goal-setting for the year? And moving on to individual goal-setting? Us, too! In case you’re feeling stuck, we thought we’d share Realized Worth’s internal 2023 goal-setting guide for individuals.

At Realized Worth and in the field of Social Impact, our intention is to set meaningful and personally motivating goals for ourselves and to understand how they connect to the goals of other teams and the company. By following these steps, we ensure that our goals are aligned with our responsibilities and priorities and are essential for the success of Realized Worth as a whole. If you take nothing else from this guide, the principles we outline stand as great reminders for success in any goal-setting process!

So, set some time aside. Ease yourself into a creative mindset. Try to clear your clutter – both in your mind and around your workspace. Maybe even get out a blank piece of paper and some colored pens. Give yourself a mental and physical blank slate and enjoy the process of goal-setting. Here’s hoping the process that works for us works for you, too!