How To Set Your 2023 Social Impact Goals

Nov 30, 2022 2:15 PM ET
How To Set Your 2023 Social Impact Goals with a person smiling widely

How to Set Your 2023 Social Impact Goals

If you’re like most Corporate Social Impact or CSR teams, you’re probably starting the process of setting goals for 2023. For some organizations, goal-setting is a well-oiled machine and their people feel motivated and well-equipped to achieve those goals. But for most companies, goal setting can feel like a necessary evil –work that executives require every year that ends up forgotten by February as the daily whirlwind distracts us from our goals. But don’t despair! Not all is lost – goal setting CAN be an effective way for your team to accomplish true social impact greatness IF you have the right tools. This blog post will be a quick primer, but if you want to get serious about doing goal-setting right in 2023, be sure to watch the recording of our latest Real Talk webinar (free!) where we spend more time digging into each of these steps.

If you’re the team leader, you’ll set the overall vision or direction for the year ahead, but it’s critical to empower your teams to set their own goals and pressure-test them (see below!). By doing so, you give them agency to care about the game and the power to play their best. (We’ve got lots more to say about the importance of empowering your team, here).

From here, we convert all these objectives, goals and lead measures into a dashboard that we can use year-round to ensure we’re staying on track and on target (be sure to check out the webinar recording for an explanation of what that dashboard can look like!). If you want your own copy of our goals dashboard and tools to help you execute on your goals, be sure to check out Social REV!

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