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Our 2021 ESG Report is the culmination of our multi-year business transformation and commences our refreshed ESG strategic framework that integrates into Bread Financial’s business strategy in ways that optimize opportunities to make positive environmental, social and governance impacts.
When we reduce barriers and bring along others with different backgrounds and perspectives, we can be innovative and find solutions that will make our communities to thrive.
Our 2020 ESG Performance Report captures the past, present and future of Alliance Data’s sustainability strategy. Over the past two years, our Company has undertaken a measured and deliberate business transformation — streamlining operations, simplifying our business model and...
In recognition of International Data Privacy Day, learn more about why data privacy is so central to Alliance Data's values and obligations.
Our reports capture the ongoing improvements our company has made as well as the areas where we still have work to do. Alliance Data is committed to continually strive to do better and be the best we can be — for our associates, clients, consumers, shareholders, the community, and numerous...


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