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The Adventure Capitalists is a strategy and marketing firm specializing in sustainable businesses, start-ups and women in business. We are “Adventure Capitalists” in every sense of the word – entrepreneurs at heart that capitalize on any opportunity to make the world we live in a better place. As leaders in the field of CSR business development, our clients know we will deliver on time, every time, without any hidden agenda, while keeping true to our commitment to triple bottom line business principles, as well as our company’s impact on our key stakeholders: nature, our families, our communities, and humanity.


Ellipz Lighting
We are a company focused on saving energy by making the best lighting in the world. We are not focused on selling a million lights, although that...

Sustainable Food and Agriculture
After water, healthy food is the foundation of our society. At The Adventure Capitalists we focus our personal efforts on eating and purchasing food...

Ellipz Lighting Energy Efficiency
Ellipz Lighting designs LED lighting products utilizing a breakthrough concept, which creates light that perfectly matches the sensitivity of the...

Water Awareness and Conservation
Our client-partners and The Adventure Capitalists are on the solution-side of worldwide water conservation and education. Solutions for cleaning water...

Corporate Social Responsibility: The In's and Out's
Companies today must rethink their business structure to include CSR. The impact each company can cumulatively make will assist in relieving the...

The Daily Adventure!
The official blog about the adventures of The Adventure Capitalists!

Energy Efficiency
Becoming a more energy efficient society is important to us and necessary for the fate of our planet. Here you will find articles and blogs on...

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