Ellipz Lighting Becomes a Member of U.S. Green Building Council

Dec 10, 2014 8:00 AM ET
Campaign: Ellipz Lighting

This week Ellipz Lighting USA, a Public Benefit Corporation based in Southern CA and selling LED lighting manufactured by Ellipz Ltd http://www.ellipzlighting.com/, has become a bronze member of U.S. Green Building Council, with efforts focusing around the Los Angeles Chapter.

USGBC-LA promotes sustainability and triple bottom line businesses; through their unique ability to bring together individuals within the green building community, a greener LA is realized. http://usgbc-la.org/.  The membership base of USBGC is a conscious, thriving community of Contractors, Developers, Designers, Architects, Engineers, and Building System/Material Experts.

Ellipz has achieved partnerships worldwide with like communities of companies and experts. In Singapore for example, Light Cibles, http://www.light-cibles.com/,  is an international lighting and architectural firm pioneering new ways of lighting the hospitality industry among others. Ellipz Lighting is working closely with them to design a special line of lights unqiue to their clientele's needs and goals.

Another expert had this to say recently about Ellipz as a technology-in-lighting partner, "The exceptional true color sensation by Ellipz Lighting (formerly known as Lemnis Lighting Asia) together with the creative lighting programming by iMtwo accentuated the colors and greatly enhanced the vibrancy of my fantasy garden in low light conditions," Damian Tang, award winning landscape designer and President of Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects. 

As new members of USGBC-LA, Ellipz Lighting looks forward to the opportunity to interface and network with the building community here in LA and throughout the National USGBC network. 

Our CSR, Sales, and Marketing teams are built on parternships and win-win stakeholder relationships. Please contact us today for more information about how we can best collaborate and support your lighting needs. info-usa@ellipzlighting.com