Ellipz Lighting USA Registers as a Public-Benefit Corporation and Achieves UL Certification

Nov 13, 2014 4:20 PM ET
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November 13, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Ellipz Lighting Pte Ltd (“Ellipz Lighting”), an innovation company that designs and manufactures LED lighting for indoor and outdoor applications, www.ellipzlighting.com, announces UL Certification for lamps in the following categories: TL tubes, streetlights, floodlights, and low bay lights. Ellipz products have already been certified by worldwide bodies CE and TUV, and independent studies by Olino.org show results of B15/L85 @ 50,000hrs which proves significantly longer lamp lifetime than the competition.

According to LEDs Magazine and this McKinsey report, http://bit.ly/1EpETsl:

“Projections show that the global lighting market is expected to have revenues of approximately EUR 110 billion in 2020 – comparable to the global TV market. A number of megatrends underlie this expansion. Global population growth and urbanization are increasing the overall demand for lighting products. Resource scarcity and climate change concerns are driving the industry trend towards more energy-efficient lighting technologies. This is being accelerated by government regulation on energy efficiency around the globe.”

UL certification is required to sell electronics in the United States, but can you imagine if such household and industry standards also included environmental and social standards? We can.

Inspired by the knowledge that humanity uses as much as 25 percent of the Earth’s electricity for lighting and that at least half of that is wasted on inefficient lights, the Ellipz Lighting USA team decided to incorporate in October 2014 as a Public Benefit Corportation. Unlike C, S, Religious, or Mutual Benefit Non-profit Corporations, Public Benefit Corporations are responsible for general public benefit, not just profit for their members or shareholders. This means that beyond Ellipz’ high integrity corporate culture, environmentally sensitive, low impact manufacturing, decreased material inputs, and CSR program, the company will always be held accountable by the public to do better, waste less, and save more resources. Ellipz Lighting is a profit generating company, but is also, by mandate, a positive impact generating company.

Ellipz Lighting specifically serves business verticals such as public and recreational spaces, the parking industry, offices, warehouses, factories, and retail, and always addresses the relationship between humans and lighting first. Anyone can create lighting, but Ellipz Lighting creates high-function living and working environments.

Humanity's comfort, health, productivity, and safety drive Ellipz technology and define product light quality. Read more about these pillars here http://bit.ly/1uPRzZA and feel free to contact us for more information about these pillars and partnering opportunities per your areas of interests and lighting needs. 

As far affordability, we have designed an innovative leasing program to maximize upgrade opportunities for all businesses, organizations, and municipalities that we work with. Essentially, this means that no money is required up front, and customers pay off the lights by sharing their monthly electrical savings with us.

Co-founded by Frans Otten, a great-grandson of Philips founder Anton Philips, Ellipz Lighting has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Bahrain, Indonesia, and now the USA.

Find out more about Ellipz Lighting at www.ellipzlighting.com

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