The Evolution of LED Lighting Charges Forward with Ellipz Lighting

Oct 22, 2014 9:00 PM ET
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Ellipz Lighting

October 22, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Lemnis Lighting Asia Pte Ltd, an innovation company producing next-generation LED lighting, announces that it has adopted Ellipz Lighting Pte Ltd (“Ellipz Lighting”) as its new name. Accompanied with fresh corporate branding, Ellipz Lighting has also unveiled its website:

The rebranding is a positive outcome of the company’s broadening success, year-after-year growth, and increased recognition for creating safe, energy efficient, socially responsible and reliable lighting solutions.

Inspired by the knowledge that humanity uses 20 percent of the Earth’s electricity for lighting and that at least half of that is wasted on inefficient lights, the Ellipz brand name and logo – like an ellipse circling the Earth – stand for the company’s vision of protecting the planet for future generations through energy and material savings.

Founded by Frans Otten, a great-grandson of Philips founder Anton Philips, Ellipz Lighting has grown in the recent years to establish offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Ellipz Lighting is also announcing a new North American office in Los Angeles, California, Ellipz Lighting USA, which will focus on introducing Ellipz technology to the American commercial sector. The USA branch is a Public Benefit Corporation and will also be spearheading international marketing and educational campaigns for Ellipz Lighting.

As Ellipz Lighting reinforces its presence worldwide, it continues to invent and produce LEDs based on John Rooymans’s patents and insights that achieve superior energy saving standards and deliver vastly better light quality than conventional LED lights. Ellipz Lighting advocates that the quality of nighttime human vision should not be reliant on lux levels, a measurement based on just photopic light. Instead, the company designs and manufactures lighting products based on photopic and scotopic light that mimic the optimal functioning of the human eye’s cones and rods. This helps people to see at lower light levels both outdoors and indoors. “Making light without understanding how the human eye works is really outdated. We match biology with lighting technology,” says Rooymans.

Chairman Frans Otten emphasizes, “Ellipz Lighting is an innovation company first and a lighting manufacturer second, and is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of energy-saving technologies currently based on LED. Even as LED is developing into a mature technology, we believe that the real understanding of what can be achieved with LED technology is still to come. Ellipz Lighting wants to play an important role in that development.”

At its very core, Ellipz executives, and the Asian and US Board of Directors, strictly maintain that sustainability principles and practices be included in all Ellipz Lighting operations, including manufacturing, company culture, philanthropy, and local for local country agent and distributor business models.

Otten, who attended the World Economic Forum when the company was nominated as a Technology Pioneer, orchestrates Ellipz Lighting, orchestrates Ellipz Lighting with the circular economy in mind: “Our past efforts as humans have created quite a mess in the world, from climate change challenges to pollution to diseases to famine and unemployment. An economic system based on more production for more consumption leading to more profit is no longer realistic. The good news is that the steps we take today can create a better and sustainable future. The new circular economy is betting on heightened, cross-sector collaboration.”

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