Entergy Seeking To Boost Economic Development in Louisiana Through Renewable Power Expansion

Louisiana has the potential to see significant investment by new and emerging companies due to its unique access to infrastructure and skilled workforce.

Virent Bio-Based Fuel Used in Third Milestone Demonstration Flight Powered With 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Virent, a Marathon Petroleum Corp. subsidiary, used its BioForming® process to produce the synthesized aromatic kerosene (SAK), a critical component that made the 100% SAF possible.

Five Ways To Leverage Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging for Public Good

Investing in publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging networks presents a compelling opportunity. However, expanding public charging has proved challenging.

Global Low-Carbon Energy Technology Investment Surges Past $1 Trillion for the First Time

Global investment in the low-carbon energy transition totaled $1.1 trillion in 2022 – a new record and a huge acceleration from 2021 – as the energy crisis and policy action drove faster deployment of clean energy technologies, according to a new report from BloombergNEF.

Empowering Women Toward a Clean Energy Future

Perhaps the biggest challenge along Southern California Edison’s path to a clean energy future is making sure the electric grid is ready to handle the rapid electrification of transportation, buildings and other sectors of the economy.

It's Always a Good Time To Save

We can all make decisions every day that can reduce energy use and increase sustainability. Here are the five simple measures you can take to save energy this month and all year long.

Is the Future of Harnessing US Offshore Wind Power Looking Less Turbulent?

The winds of change are expected to blow across the States as plans progress towards rapid renewable energy expansion – with offshore wind being a key player in the US decarbonization strategy.

This HBCU Is Showing Students New Career Paths at Utilities

Duke Energy supports 22 lineworker training programs in the six states it serves, and Denmark Technical College is the first to be a historically black college (HBCU).

SAP and GIZ Cooperate on Digital Solutions for Green Hydrogen Certificates

Green hydrogen, or hydrogen generated by renewable energy, is fast becoming a strategic commodity for regions such as the European Union (EU) and Latin America as they transform into carbon-neutral economies.

What Is Sustainable Fuel?

A solution for decarbonizing internal combustion engine vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles, sustainable fuels like biofuels, renewable diesel, and hydrogen will work alongside electric vehicles to meet the diverse needs of the transportation sector.

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