Thankful for a Cubicle-less Thanksgiving

Loving life as an entrepreneur means being thankful for our lifestyle
Nov 27, 2013 11:30 AM ET

The Daily Adventure: Thankful for a Cubicle-less Thanksgiving

As entrepreneurs, time off for holidays doesn’t carry the same weight as it might for someone waiting to escape their white-walled, cubicle prison. In fact, most entrepreneurs struggle with taking any time off for anything. And the draw is two-fold, we struggle to take time off because we love what we do and because we are always connecting new dots, new people, and uncovering new possibilities.  But, we can work from a van at the beach while watching our husband surf or hike with our computer and sit under a tree to compose a proposal.

Starting a company, launching a new product, and birthing an idea is one of the scariest things you can do, but when it works, it is one of the finest feelings you will experience. There are many aspects to life as an entrepreneur to be thankful for, and with Turkey Day upon us, our team at The Adventure Capitalists took some time to jot a few down:

Bryan Latchford – Sustainability Strategist

Innovating above and beyond your comfort zone

Being an entrepreneur is like purposefully stepping out of bounds in a soccer match just to see what it feels like. You don't know what you don't know, so you must take the necessary steps into the unknown to gain perspective, insight, and to drive change. Once you do, any uncharted territory will seem like an adventure and that's the best part of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The power to pivot

Poor assumptions and missed opportunities drag progress in the self proclaimed industry machine but the glorious part about being an entrepreneur is the ability to act quickly on your feet to right the wrong.


Derek Fehmers – Strategy Director

Living your dream and making that dream a reality

It is building, selling that first product and nursing it into life. It is the most fundamental of natural phenomena: creation.

Generating your own motivation

…while being president, janitor, marketing director, intern, sales manager, and assembler. It is not being steered, but holding the rudder; it is not being held responsible but holding all responsibility.


Dariann Kobe – Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Patience IS a virtue, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the adventure

It takes time to build anything of value. As an entrepreneur you learn quickly that success doesn’t happen overnight but success DOES happen…it just takes time. Enjoying the adventure along the way is just as important as being successful.

Hard work never felt so good

As entrepreneurs, we spend so much of our lives doing what we love to do, that work and play become intertwined as one.


Megan Havrda – Co-Founder, CEO

The special sauce is really simple

Showing up when you say you will and doing what you say you are going to do is 75% of the recipe for standing out in the marketplace. The other 25% depends on hutzpah, innovation, cultivating and maintaining long terms contacts and strategic partners, having passion in what you do, and taking full responsibility for your words and actions.

We get to see and BE a part of the “spark”

Whether in the eyes of clients, strategic partners, or teammates, when someone realizes we are truly there for them and their success 100%, it’s an amazing feeling. We get the opportunity to put people at ease while inspiring and supporting them. Our relationships are our social security. 


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