Santa Barbara Cycling Grand Opening

Santa Barbara native Derin Stockton is proud to announce the grand opening of his new cycling performance and personal fitness studio
Jan 24, 2014 4:00 PM ET

January 24, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Santa Barbara native Derin Stockton is proud to announce the grand opening of his new cycling performance and personal fitness studio in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Cycling.

Stockton, who pedaled his bicycle around countless miles of Santa Barbara’s best roads and trails during his career as a professional cyclist, is offering his unique skill set to the world of cycling fitness.  Bike fitting, which has become a big buzz in the cycling community, is one of Stockton’s specialties.

After his cycling career Derin found his way out of Santa Barbara and into the sport of professional motocross where he worked as a trainer to the top names in the sport for a decade. Two years ago he moved back to the area, and has been working as a personal trainer at Platinum Fitness in Summerland, CA.

The lesson’s learned as a trainer has paid dividends to his bike fitting.  “When I do a fit now I pay a lot more attention to muscle tension and proper body mechanics”, says Stockton. “Bike fitting is not exact science; it is based on the individual's needs and the experience of the fitter. What a racer needs versus a recreational cyclist is very different.”

Stockton also teaches indoor cycling classes for all levels.  You bring your own bike and put it on a trainer to ride stationary. Stockton decided to meld what he learned in the gym with his cycling knowledge to create classes that are technique heavy, while still providing riders with a great workout. For people newer to cycling or maybe rediscovering it, the indoor classes help teach the basics.

Stockton does regular personal training out of his fitness studio, as well as lifestyle coaching helping people integrate exercise and proper diet into their daily lives. He is also a big believer in Foundation Training, and offers group classes.

Derin’s enthusiasm for cycling is evident. “Sometimes it amazes me that for all the years I've been riding a bike, even doing it for a living, I still just love to go out and ride. Cycling is such a great activity; you get the exercise without the impact. I have a lot of clients in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who use cycling as their main means of aerobic exercise. It doesn't beat you up, it’s social, you're outside, and we benefit from some of the best riding there is.”

Santa Barbara Cycling’s grand opening is this Saturday, January 25th. Derin will be teaching FREE Foundation classes at 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM. Light food and drinks will be served at 5:30PM.

Santa Barbara Cycling is located in Studio 6 of the new SB Dance Arts building at 531 E. Cota St, on the corner of Cota and Salsipuedes. You can contact Derin at, or email him at