Leveraging Partnerships, Technology, and Design To Enhance Water Quality Through the Inaugural Aquality App

Together with IBM, Deltares is working to enhance and expand the reach of its Aquality app, formerly called the Nitrate app. The tool can help farmers improve water quality, protect biodiversity, save on fertilizer costs and make farming practices more sustainable.

Pollinator Protector: The Home Depot’s Gina Lees Shares Her Beekeeping Journey and Tips on World Bee Day

May 20 has been designated World Bee Day by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development.

Six Boston Scientific Benefits That Support Employee Mental Health

One in five American adults has a diagnosable mental health condition. Yet all too often, our friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members suffer emotionally and either don't recognize the symptoms of a disorder or don’t feel comfortable asking for help.

The 3 Business Pillars to Creating an Inclusive, Sustainable Future

These days, business leaders are thinking about a lot more than generating revenue. They gauge success not only by profits but also by the culture within their business and its impact on the community.

30 x 30: What Does It Mean for the Apparel Industry?

With 69% of our world's wildlife populations plummeting between 1970 and 2022 due to our unsustainable use of our planet's resources, biodiversity is at a tipping point.

Corporate Volunteerism: The Benefits of Volunteering in the Workplace

In the future, more companies will develop corporate volunteering programs to engage their employees in CSR. The best programs will involve employees and adopt new technologies to facilitate corporate volunteerism opportunities.

Qualcomm's Respect for Human Rights

We are committed to promoting and respecting all internationally recognized human rights and avoiding complicity in any human rights abuse throughout our Company, our operations and our business relationships, including our subsidiaries, partners, customers and supply chain.

Franklin Templeton Employee Volunteers Assemble Meals Bags, Sort Clothes, Teach Students and Walk Pets for Charity

On March 30, Baltimore volunteered at Junior Achievement’s Finance Park where students had the opportunity to explore their personal financial futures first-hand.

Florida Company Gives Multiple Lives To Logging “Leftovers”

The logging company owners use leftover pine shavings in more ways than one to provide a circular business model that benefits their bottom line, the horse community and the earth.

Work for Humankind: Lenovo Pairs With N.C. HBCU To Change the Face of Conservation

In December 2021, Lenovo launched Work For Humankind – a bold initiative that allowed volunteers to make a positive, long-lasting difference within an island community, while working from one of the most remote, tech-enabled offices in the world.

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