Students See Ocean Life Up Close Through Augmented Reality

The first time Carlos Abreu designed his own virtual fish, it was too skinny and too small to survive in its environment; the fish quickly perished from starvation.

U.S. Bank Celebrates the Small Business Community

Melanie Cedargren, founder of The Spicy Olive in Ohio, brought her passion for the freshest and finest olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes to life when she opened her first shop in 2012. She has since expanded to three locations and now offers wine tastings and cooking classes.

World Intellectual Property Day 2023: Women and Other Underrepresented Innovators Are the Backbone of a Diverse Patent Universe

Every year on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day reminds us of the importance of inventing — and the diverse community of creators who drive breakthrough innovations.

Passionate People Are the Key to Engineering a Better Future

From climate change and cyberthreats, to outdated infrastructure or the energy transition, the next generation of engineers will be confronted by unprecedented demands.

The Long-Overlooked Solution To Upend Health Care Economics: Bringing the Hospital Home

For two decades I’ve been on hospital boards, observing the challenges of our national health system. Now, after personally interviewing over 100 leading health care CEOs, the problem is becoming clear: The current incentive system is actually backwards.

McDonald’s Partners With the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research

Organizations like FFAR provide critical support for public-private partnerships that are investing in regenerative agriculture and building more sustainable supply chains.

The Sweet Sounds of Conservation

The hundreds of swans that stop over in Wintergreen Lake today are part of the lineage of the restored population, explains Sarah Carroll, a development coordinator with the 180-acre Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, which includes Wintergreen Lake.

13 Initiatives That Are Making Our Workplaces Better

The Workplace category of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards honors projects that improve our lives in the office.

Gen Hosts Its First Global Volunteer Day

Gen partnered with 14 nonprofit organizations to host in-person volunteer opportunities in India, Ireland, Czech Republic, and the United States, as well as three virtual volunteer events. Collectively, employees logged more than 900 hours of service in just one day.

GoDaddy’s 2022 Sustainability Report: Our Customers – Inclusive Entrepreneurship

As we foster and inspire a growing wave of inclusive entrepreneurship, GoDaddy is changing the way people around the world work and live for the better. We recognize that the entrepreneurial journey is as diverse and unique as entrepreneurs themselves — and we know that barriers.

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