Todd Frazier Talks Family and Values on the November Action Team Call

Nov 21, 2014 5:45 PM ET
Campaign: Action Team

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  The November Action Team teleconference was filled with personality and great advice thanks to our featured guest, Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier.   Todd’s message to the Action Team Captains was simple: your family and your values play a big part in your life when it comes to giving back — never forget your roots.   The theme of ‘family and roots’ comes at a perfect time with Thanksgiving around the corner.   Todd’s roots are in New Jersey. As a native of the Garden State, Todd was greatly affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. “I remember I couldn’t sleep that night,” he admitted to Action Team Captains from Maine to Maui. “I went outside at four in the morning and I couldn’t even hear myself think.”    Todd’s neighborhood suffered greatly and he immediately knew that he had to find a way to help. “As a Major League player you have to take it upon yourself as an obligation to help your community the best you can.”   Todd traces his eagerness to help out his community back to the way he was raised. Growing up, the value of respect was very important in Todd’s life. Whether he learned respect for others from his mother and his church or respect for the game of baseball from his father—Todd continues to incorporate that value in all aspects of his life.   Joining Todd as featured guests on the call were Action Team Captains from Brunswick High School (ME).   Impressed by what the Brunswick students have accomplished already this school year, Todd told them to “Keep doing what you’re doing,” “The more you do the better off you are and the better you feel about yourself,” emphasized Todd. “Opportunities to help are endless. Make sure you have fun with whatever you do.”   The Brunswick Action Team recently visited the women of Volunteers of America’s (VOA)  Fay Garman Home to help them prepare their garden for the harsh winter ahead. Together, they raked up the yard, dug up all of the dahlia bulbs to save them for the spring, trimmed the bushes, took out all the weeds and laid down straw.    “When we finished we saw what we were able to accomplish in the short time frame,” explained Action Team Captain Jackson Gordon.   “As soon as we got there, their faces lit up seeing all of us ready to help,” added Team Captain Taran Payne. “You can tell they really appreciated it. It’s always fun to help out.”   The Brunswick Action Team Captains also have a close relationship with the senior citizens at VOA’s Westrum House in their community. They frequently visit them and challenge them to Wii Bowling, something the residents really enjoy doing. They have a holiday party planned where they will be presenting them with their own Wii bowling t-shirts, making dinner and baking cookies for the residents. “We’re kind of like a family there now,” stated Taran.     As Todd and the Brunswick Action Team Captains emphasized during the call, by respecting one another and working as a team, there are no limits on what you can accomplish in life.  Major Leaguers, through the Action Team, are providing teens with the resources, encouragement and inspiration to help thousands of their neighbors in need.  You can #JoinOurTeam be clicking here.   To listen to the entire November teleconference featuring Todd Frazier click here.