Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods

At BAT, we are committed to working to enable prosperous livelihoods for all farmers who supply our tobacco leaf.

Tobacco leaf remains at the core of our products, so the farmers who grow it are at the heart of our supply chain. Our sustainable agriculture objectives are fundamental to ensuring the continued success and long-term security of our business and, crucially, to fulfilling our role in wider society to support farmers and their communities, now and in the future.

BAT has been working in partnership with tobacco farmers for more than a century. Over that time, we’ve evolved our approach to take advantage of new opportunities and adapt to a changing world, focused on creating value for the future of our business and the farmers we work with.

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Responsible Production & Consumption

UN Recognition for British American Tobacco’s Programme to Inspire a New Generation of Farmers in Brazil
BAT’s Novos Rurais programme in Brazil, which is run by the company’s Souza Cruz Institute, provides entrepreneurial training and opportunities for young people to receive financial support for setting up new agricultural businesses.

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The Multiplier Effect: How BAT is Advancing Sustainable Agriculture and Supporting Our Farmers
At British American Tobacco (BAT), we have a long and proud 100-year history in agriculture, working directly with farmers around the world and advancing sustainable practices. While this undoubtedly brings advantages to our business in terms of securing our source of high-quality tobacco leaf, it also plays a significant role in protecting the environment and enhancing farmer livelihoods.

Sustainable Development Goals

British American Tobacco | Thrive: Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods Programme

Research, Reports & Publications

A View from the Outside | British American Tobacco
An independent stakeholder viewpoint from Professor Dr Heiko Hosomi Spitzeck on British American Tobacco's Sustainable Agriculture & Farmer Livelihoods Focus Report.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

British American Tobacco | A View from the Inside
BAT’s Group Operations Director Alan Davy explains why supporting sustainable agriculture remains such a priority, and how the company is responding to major issues impacting farming communities.

Research, Reports & Publications

BAT CASE STUDY & VIDEO | Measuring the Impact of Our Community Programmes in Bangladesh
Through our Probaho programme, over 170,000 people a day now benefit from better access to safe drinking water, thanks to 65 new water filtration plants we have installed. The study found that this has reduced the number of people suffering from waterborne diseases, from 32% down to only 0.3%.

Research, Reports & Publications

British American Tobacco Launches Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods Focus Report
British American Tobacco’s commitment to working to enable prosperous livelihoods for all farmers who supply our tobacco leaf is the focus of the latest report on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods, available now.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Expert View: The Challenges in Agriculture

Responsible Production & Consumption

BAT's Approach to Building Shared Value for Farmers

Responsible Production & Consumption

Tobacco Farming: Debating the Future

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