Kingfisher Around the World

The SCS Kingfisher certification mark is showing up on an increasing number of products around the world.  It differentiates companies that are making a difference for people and the planet, and helps businesses, institutional buyers, government procurement agencies, and consumers make better informed decisions about the environmental, sustainability, and quality aspects of the products and services they use.  This campaign provides news and highlights about these certified products and the innovative companies behind them. 


Why the Kingfisher?  Kingfisher birds, ubiquitous and beloved around the world, are known for their keen vision and skillful hunting. These qualities are reminiscent of the functions we perform every day as third-party auditors in the field.  Widely recognized as indicators of environmental health, some Kingfisher species are now threatened with extinction. The SCS Kingfisher serves as a reminder of the power, beauty, and vulnerability of nature in the face of human activities.

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Responsible Production & Consumption

Complimentary Webinar: New Year, New Regulations – Preparing the Food Industry for 2024
What you need to know about upcoming food industry regulations and how they may impact your decisions this year.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

SCS Global Services Now Offering ProTerra Certification
SCS Global Services today announced it has become an authorized certification body under the ProTerra certification program. SCS is now one of only two entities to offer certification services under the program.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Jac. Vandenberg Announces First Certified Sustainably Grown® SUNRAYS® Mandarins Shipping to U.S. Markets in Summer 2024
Consumers in the United States can look forward this coming year to SUNRAYS® mandarins independently certified as Sustainably Grown® by SCS Global Services.

Sustainable Development Goals

SCS Global Services Mourns the Loss of Founder and CEO Dr. Stanley P. Rhodes
SCS Global Services (SCS) announced that its founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Stanley Rhodes, passed away late last week.


Complimentary Webinar: California’s Climate-Related Disclosure Laws – What Companies Need To Know
Join Bonnie Holman, Managing Director of SCS Consulting Services, and Karen Righthand, VP of Marketing at SCS Global Services for this webinar on California’s Climate-Related Disclosure Laws – What Companies Need to Know discussing the major components of SB 261 and SB 253.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Complimentary Webinar: Developing Product Carbon Footprints To Meet EU CBAM Reporting Requirements
Join SCS Global Services on Thursday November 16, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. ET to learn more about CBAM & how creating accurate Product Carbon Footprints are a prerequisite to satisfy CBAM reporting requirements.


Sustainable Triumph for Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea's Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery celebrated their efforts to ensure the health and longevity of the lobster stocks in the Torres Strait Protected Zone at a certification event on Friday 20 October at the Crown Plaza in Port Moresby, PNG.

Responsible Production & Consumption

GREENMANTRA Announces Publication of the Environmental Product Declaration for Ceranovus® Product Line
SCS Global Services (SCS) has published the EPD for the Ceranovus® product line, which is a line of specialty waxes that includes both polyethylene and polypropylene polymer additives.

Events, Media & Communications

Recognized Industry Leader Denise Webster Joins SCS Global Services As Vice President of Food Safety
SCS Global Services (SCS), a global leader in sustainability standards development and third-party certification of environmental, social, safety and quality performance, is proud to announce that Denise Webster has joined the company in the Food & Agriculture team.

Events, Media & Communications

Why It’s Better To Speak Up About Sustainability Achievements
There is a new trend where companies are afraid to announce their sustainability achievements due to risks of accidentally greenwashing, lawsuits or harm to their brands.

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