VIDEO - Behind the Mark: Certified Sustainably Grown Living Herbs

VIDEO - Behind the Mark: Certified Sustainably Grown Living Herbs

Friday, May 17, 2019 - 9:00am

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Go behind the mark on a visit to North Shore Greenhouses in this new video.

North Shore’s living herbs and greens have been certified as Sustainably Grown by SCS Global Services, and were the first products of their kind to be certified under the ecolabel.  

“It was the perfect fit for us to partner with SCS and to get the certification,” said North Shore Greenhouses Production Manager Tiago Castro 

To achieve Sustainably Grown certification, agricultural products must meet rigorous standards for environmental protection, ethical production, social compliance, product quality and food safety.  

Crops of all types and production systems are eligible to be certified, and certification from SCS provides transparency that retailers and consumers trust. 

“Sustainably Grown certification offers consumers assurance that what they are eating is good for them and good for the world,” said SCS Sustainable Agriculture Manager Kevin Warner.  

Certified agricultural products like North Shore Living Herbs and Greens are leading the agricultural industry toward greater social and environmental responsibility. 

To learn more about Sustainably Grown certification for your products, visit SCS Global Services’ website


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