FedEx | Road Safety

Protecting pedestrians and making roads safer worldwide.

By 2030, road traffic crashes are estimated to cause more fatalities than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we at FedEx believe we can help change these outcomes.

FedEx is very familiar with the importance of road safety. So we asked ourselves a question: what if we took our expertise and combined it with our global reach to makes the roads safer around the world?

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Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Three NGOs for Safer Roads Win the FedEx Road Safety Award
Three NGO members of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety have been awarded the FedEx Road Safety Award for their outstanding commitment to road safety.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Educating Children in Ukraine on Pedestrian Safety
FedEx Cares works with nonprofits to shape programs that positively impact a social or environmental cause close to our business. For many years, one of the most compelling causes in Europe has been road safety.

Sustainable Development Goals

FedEx Express, iRAP Launch 5-star Global Connections Initiative in India
The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), a registered charity dedicated to preventing road deaths through safer road infrastructure, in association with FedEx Express, has announced the launch of the 5-Star Global Connections Initiative.

Health & Healthcare

How 5 Bucks Of Reflective Tape On A Donkey Cart Saved Lives
The 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm earlier this year focused on the motor vehicle crash epidemic that every year kills about 1.35 million people around the world and severely injures some 50 million more.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Star Rating for Schools: Helping Kids Get to School Safely
The Star Rating for Schools journey has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Founding Sponsor FedEx and the Major Donor FIA Foundation, and the amazing network of SR4S Lead Partners and their invaluable feedback and support from the early conception of the programme to the pilot assessments in preparation for the launch.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

This App Could Help Save Your Child’s Life
Five Hundred children die each day in road traffic crashes around the world. Tens of thousands more are injured on a daily basis.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

IndiaRAP, Sponsored by FedEx, Is Helping Save Lives Across the Country
IndiaRAP is a locally led, globally supported road assessment programme for India. It is a collaboration between iRAP and the Asian Institute of Transport Development (AITD), generously supported by FedEx.

Health & Healthcare

Road Safety: Walking the Talk
I was honored to walk alongside Torine Creppy, the President of Safe Kids Worldwide, as we led more than 1,200 kids and adults in our FedEx and Safe Kids Walk This Way event, promoting pedestrian safety.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Road Safety Matters: FedEx Publishes 2019 Report
FedEx publishes new 2019 report: Road Safety Matters. Take a look and be inspired by initiatives helping road safety NGOs save lives and prevent injuries worldwide. Join us in helping make all of our journeys safer by following the road safety tips we share in the report.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

FedEx Road Safety Award Celebrates NGO Role Models
This year’s awards celebrate three organizations that have significantly grown their capacity to achieve national and international significance, influencing national policies and public perceptions of road safety. Their impacts and approaches make them role models for other NGOs.
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