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More than 7,000 students applied. Just 400 of the most creative minds were selected. The prize is a 10-week opportunity to participate in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Summer Games, a fun, intense and competitive internship program that assesses each student’s interests, passions and skill sets before assigning them to project teams that align best with each individual’s goals. The following posts are part of a series of stories written by Booz Allen Hamilton’s Summer Games interns.

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Booz Allen Summer Games Challenges Gen Z to Change the World
Since 2014, the Booz Allen Summer Games has engaged university students from around the world to respond to major global problems through collaboration and creativity.

Innovation & Technology

Newsy Highlights Summer Games and the Winning Drone Solution That Could Change Lives of the Warfighter
According to a survey by software marketing company Marketo, they’re future-focused realists with a drive to create things, and a majority (60%) want their jobs to impact the world. Does the terrain ahead present clear passage, or a possible ambush? Thanks to the winning project of the Booz Allen Summer Games intern challenge, ground commanders in war zones will be able to make decisions like this in minutes, rather than hours, with a portable reconnaissance device that’s easy to assemble and repair.

Innovation & Technology

Interns Win with Artificial Intelligence Drone for Reconnaissance at Booz Allen’s Summer Games
Move over Shark Tank—Booz Allen’s Summer Games interns are budding entrepreneurs in their own right. Whether the solution is a modular, cost-effective reconnaissance drone, a mixed-reality airmanship training application, or a browser extension that detects fake news, the firm’s interns are taking their innovative ideas to the next level.

Innovation & Technology

Booz Allen Interns Apply Data Analytics to Enhance Traffic Safety

Innovation & Technology

Booz Allen Interns Use Algorithms to Fight Fake News
On social media, fake news almost always wins out over the truth. That’s one of the eye-opening findings of a recent study detailed in Science. As people increasingly get their news from online sources like Twitter and Facebook, how do you make it easier for them to spot fake news?

At Booz Allen, our Summer Games interns are up to the challenge. Last year’s team created a web browser extension that detects potential fake news articles in order to prevent the spread of misinformation on the Internet. This year, our interns are enhancing that tool, so it detects both fake news articles and user accounts across a variety of social media platforms and comment forums.

Innovation & Technology

Booz Allen Interns Create Mobile App for Washington, DC’s Metro System
Washington, DC’s metropolitan rail system (Metro) is the second busiest rail system in the U.S. with more than 600,000 daily riders. However, Metro is also plagued with serious problems—severe safety lapses, service disruptions, and extended maintenance closures. As a result, significantly fewer people are using the service, opting instead for alternative forms of transportation. The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA), which runs Metro, is reevaluating initiatives as a public transit service to attract new riders and bring back those who left.

While not officially contracted by WMATA, a team of Summer Games interns at Booz Allen are going through a design thinking exercise to improve Metro’s image by developing what an official mobile application could look like for WMATA.

Innovation & Technology

Booz Allen Interns Develop Innovative Solutions to Help Combat the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic
Three teams of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Summer Games interns are offering creative approaches to tough challenges within the vast ecosystem of the national opioid crisis. They’re applying data analytics and machine learning to develop tools to more accurately measure pain, assess harm reduction interventions, and understand narcotic supply chains.

Innovation & Technology

How Booz Allen Interns Are Improving Federal Disaster Response with Blockchain and Other Technologies
Three teams of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Summer Games interns are doing their part to help federal agencies bolster emergency preparedness. They’re building innovative solutions using blockchain, mesh network technologies, and data science to improve disaster relief efforts.

Innovation & Technology

Booz Allen Interns Build Virtual Reality Training Tools for Real-World Challenges
Put down your headset: Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) aren’t just for gamers anymore. More and more we’re using immersive technology for a variety of real-world scenarios—from performing surgery in a virtual operating room to training military personnel. The goal is to present a dynamic, yet artificial environment that replicates the real world.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Using Artificial Intelligence, Booz Allen Interns Develop Smart Tech Solutions
How often do you ask Alexa or Siri a question? Grab an Uber or Lyft ride? Every day, we’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). AI-enabled apps increasingly perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. The AI-powered revolution is here. And it’s transforming the way we think, work, and live.

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    More than 7,000 students applied. Just 400 of the most creative minds were selected. The prize is a 10-week opportunity to participate in Booz Allen...