Beyond Today, Shaping Tomorrow

Thank you for your interest in Owens Corning’s 15th annual sustainability report. This year’s theme, Beyond Today, Shaping Tomorrow, reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability, even in the face of the global pandemic. While COVID-19 has changed virtually everything about our day-to-day lives — and dramatically impacted our workplaces — our people never lost sight of our ideals and aspirations. Throughout the year, we continued to look past our current situation and seek out ways to create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

This year’s report addresses our performance on our 2020 sustainability goals and offers insights into our progress toward our ambitious slate of 2030 goals. The accomplishments we chronicle here are a testament to the dedication of our people, their ingenuity, and their resilience in the face of truly unprecedented times. In this report, we also hear firsthand from several of our employees in a feature called “Speaking of Sustainability.” On these pages, our people share their passion for environmental and social issues, and they provide a greater sense of the depth of our company’s commitment to serving as a net-positive force in the world.

We hope you find this report to be a valuable resource as you explore the many ways we make sustainability central to our operations. As a company that has long been at the forefront of our industry, we recognize the need to demonstrate true leadership in corporate responsibility, and we hope that our examples will inspire you to join us on this journey toward a brighter future.

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Health & Healthcare

Owens Corning, Committed to Safety
We’re committed to workplace safety, and the proof of it is in the numbers.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Owens Corning's Material Sustainability Topics
Our Material Topics represent our stakeholders’ priorities with consideration of our impacts, and they’re informed by the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Owens Corning: Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement
In 2020, we conducted a refresh of the 2019 Materiality Assessment, in which we sought to confirm the continued relevance of the existing Material Topics and their relative positioning within the materiality matrix visuals for the company as a whole and broken out by region.

Sustainable Development Goals

Owens Corning: Progress on Environmental Footprint Goals
Purchasing electricity only from renewable sources is a key part of our effort to halve our greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use overall through energy efficiency improvements in our processes is another important strategy.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Owens Corning's Product Handprint: 2030 Sustainability Targets and Progress
By 2030: Establish viable circular economy business models involving our materials and how they are used by collaborating up and down the supply chain, with customers, suppliers, communities, academics, policy makers, government entities, and other organizations.

Health & Healthcare

Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Inspiring Healthy Living
Owens Corning’s corporate medical director, Dr. Brian Linder, shares some thoughts on the company’s progress in ensuring all employees have support for their health and wellness goals.

Health & Healthcare

Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Safety and Company Culture
Over the past two decades, Owens Corning has worked to become one of the world’s safest companies. In National Safety Month, we share some reflections from our enterprise safety director.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Enhancing the Employee Experience
Paula Russell, Owens Corning’s chief HR officer, reflects on company programs that enhance work environment and culture, including inclusion and diversity initiatives and career development.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Owens Corning: Increasing Our Social Handprint Via Community Engagement
The expectations and opportunities around corporate citizenship that companies encountered in 2020 were very different from those of 2010. Ten years ago, investor interest was infrequent, today a strong corporate citizenship program is table stakes.


Owens Corning: Reducing Our Environmental Footprint
Our first set of ten-year goals was centered on our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Through the years, that has continued to be a critically important pillar of our sustainability journey.
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