From Arizona to Venezuela Major Leaguer David Peralta is Committed to Improving the Lives of Others in Need

Major Leaguers are #GoingToBat for causes close to their hearts
Sep 8, 2017 8:00 PM ET

From Arizona to Venezuela Major Leaguer David Peralta is committed to improving…

Even though Major Leaguer David Peralta is far away from Venezuela in terms of distance while playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the United States, his troubled home country remains close to his heart.

As is the case of many Venezuelan players in Major League Baseball, much of his family still lives in the South American country, where ongoing political unrest has caused shortages of food and medical supplies in addition to widespread violence.

Peralta, batting .297 this year with the Diamondbacks, has used his status as a major leaguer to raise awareness and provide medical supplies for the people of Venezuela with help from Project Cure and the International Red Cross.

The 30-year-old outfielder teamed with the Diamondbacks Foundation earlier this season to provide medical supplies to parts of the country, starting with his home town of Valencia

“It’s a harsh situation over there right now.” Peralta told “I’m not getting involved in politics, I care about the people. I want them to have medicine and food. I have family over there. I have my sister, my cousins, my little niece and I hear from them and I see on social media that it’s hard to go to the hospital, or find medicine. It breaks my heart, because it could be my family.”

On the horizon, Peralta hopes to involve fans in his efforts.

“We know we’re not going to change Venezuela in one day,” Peralta said. “But we’re going to start and try and do our part.”

The compassion and generosity of Peralta and his wife, Jordan, are also on display in the local community, as they are doing their part to help end the hunger epidemic. They have partnered with “Kitchen on the Street,” a nonprofit organization that fights to end childhood hunger. Together with the group, the Peraltas packed meals for children in the greater Phoenix area. Continuing his commitment to the children of Metro-Phoenix, Peralta has spoken to local children’s groups about persevering and never giving up on a dream.

Major Leaguers are #GoingToBat for causes near and dear to them, as they personify the Players Trust’s motto to ‘care, act and inspire.’ To learn more about the charitable interests and activities of David Peralta and other Major Leaguers, please click here.