World's Leading Businesses to Convene at The Consumer Goods Forum's Global Summit to Accelerate Positive Change for Business, People and Planet

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is gearing up for its annual Global Summit from 21 – 24 June, which will unite senior leaders from the world’s biggest companies for collaborative discussions on how to secure better lives through better business.

Energy Leaders at Work on Our Greener Destiny

Given the fast-changing energy landscape, global energy leaders face a number of critical concerns; and in Hong Kong, climate change, people’s behavioural changes and the hydrogen revolution are high on the list.

Land Betterment Corporation Appoints Financial Industry Executive, Michael Layman to Board of Directors

Land Betterment Corporation (“Land Betterment” or the “Company”), an environmental solutions company fostering positive impact through upcycling former coal mining and industrial sites to create sustainable community development and job creation,

Actor and Director Tony Plana to Be Honored at the 6th Annual National Latino Leadership Conference

The Council for Latino Workplace Equity (CLWE), an initiative under the National Diversity Council, will host the Sixth Annual National Latino Leadership Conference from September 14th-September 15th via Zoom.

Food Safety: An Opportunity to Rethink, Reset and Recharge

Around the world, an estimated 600 million people fall ill after eating contaminated food each year, and concerns over food safety have been intensified by COVID-19.

CGF Sustainability Director Moderates Panel on Food Waste and the SDGs at The Future of Food USA

On March 25TH, Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), joined a panel at The Future of Food USA, organised by Innovation Forum.

Taking a Stand: American Advocates for LGBTQ Rights and Hate Crimes Legislation

American joined w/ dozens of other TX-based companies today in an open letter to lawmakers, supporting the inclusion of LGBTQ people in nondiscrimination laws & opposes any effort to exclude the LGBTQ community from full civil rights protections.

The Michigan Diversity Council Presents the Inaugural National Black Men in Leadership Summit

The Michigan Diversity Council (MIDC) presents the National Black Men in Leadership Summit taking place on Tuesday, April 27 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. The event, in partnership with the National Diversity Council (NDC) and the National Coalition for Racial Justice & Equity (NCRJE), will focus on the theme “Advancing Black Male Leaders: The Voice, Truths and Power of Black Men.”

Ceres 2021: Trends and Direct Actions

Every year hundreds of delegates flock to an annual conference hosted by Ceres, the influential non-profit organization, to strengthen the business case for sustainability.

The Document That Transformed Hong Kong's Power Industry

What has helped ensure millions of Hong Kong customers enjoy a safe, reliable supply of electricity at a reasonable price for over half a century? Find out more about a vital document that shapes the power sector.

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