Managing our forests sustainably and protecting water, wildlife, and species at risk.

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PotlatchDeltic’s Commitment to Water Quality
In addition to SMZs, proper design and construction of logging roads and use of logging methods and equipment that protect water quality are key components of our BMP implementation program in our Environmental Management System.

Research, Reports & Publications

Protecting Water Quality- Mica Creek
Following passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, many states adopted forest management guidelines intended to reduce forestry’s negative effects on waters. At the time, there was little research showing whether these new guidelines worked.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Timberlands Best Management Practices
Our timberland management practices are driven by our objectives for sustainable timberland production and for environmental protection.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Timberlands Biodiversity
Sustainably managed private working forests are healthy and resilient and provide forest habitat that supports a significant amount of the forest species. Our forest stewardship commitments include the responsibility to conserve wildlife species and their habitats.


Soil Productivity
Soil productivity is protected by minimizing soil erosion. Soil erosion results in the loss of nutrient rich topsoil and organic matter, which reduces long term soil productivity.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Forest Certification: Committed to Third-Party Certification
Third-party certification confirms that science-based stakeholder developed forest management practices and continual improvement are occurring on all timberland across the Company.
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    Managing our forests sustainably and protecting water, wildlife, and species at risk.
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