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"A business organization, like a community or nation, must depend more on the conscience of the individual than the strictness of the law or the efficiency of law enforcement.  Caring and sharing are at the very heart of the Tupperware Brands vision and why so many of us, Associates and Sales Force members alike, love being part of this great company. Through each individual's continuing efforts, we preserve Tupperware Brands' outstanding reputation of civic and community engagement."  Rick Goings, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  Confidence radiates around the world. It starts with education, job opportunities and economic empowerment for women and youth. From there, we ignite new possibilities for their families, their communities and their countries...and maybe even change the world.    


Dream Big
We're a company founded on innovation. We remain as committed as ever to bringing groundbreaking ideas, products, and opportunities to the world.

Extend a Hand
We lift each other up by empowering women everywhere through life-changing opportunities that inspire them to realize their full potential and create...

Do Right by Others
We act and speak with integrity and never forget that we're accountable to the Tupperware Family of Sales Force, Associates, Consumers, and Investors...

Succeed Together
We're a diverse community that pulls together as a single, strong team. We collaborate freely and share in each other's achievements and success.

Celebrate Each Other
We're invested in each other's success and know that every achievement is worth celebrating. We recognize milestones large and small, together as one...

Tupperware Brands Corporation Global Links Program
Global Links program, a first-of-its kind educational program created by Tupperware Brands with the Secretary of State's Office of Global Women's...


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