Tupperware Brands' Leadership Team Visits Boys and Girls Club in Guatemala

Company donates bus, supplies to support the club's efforts.
Jun 14, 2018 10:35 AM ET
Campaign: Extend a Hand

Rick Goings, along with other members of Tupperware’s leadership team (Luciano Garcia, Maria Luisa Suarez and Vivian Melendez),  visited a Boys & Girls Club in Zona 4 de Mixco, Guatemala. Rick and his team were quickly impressed by the number of kids at the club, who were very eager to welcome them and share their stories. 

Rick and team heard stories of David, the kid next door who, prior to the club opening, spent hours after school kicking a ball around by himself.  They also heard of Gabriel, Josue and Luis. Gabriel’s mother sells fruit outside of the local school to support the family.  Josue and Luis’s mother also sells fruit and corn on one of the major streets close to the club.  Josue, 8, and Luis, 9, had already been suspended from school, and their mother had given up on them.  These four young boys, along with most of the other children at the club, come from very harsh realities. In fact, 90% of the club members cannot afford to pay the symbolic membership fee.  At least 50% of the club members had already failed or were about to fail grades, but within 3 months, thanks to the club and its volunteers, most of the kids were on track to move on to the next grade.

During the team's tour of the club, Rick noticed the activity calendar right away, and was highly impressed by the programming and ages served by the club. He was especially excited to see STEM programming being offered to club members younger than 6.  While the Boys and Girls Club focuses on school-aged children from ages 6 to 12, there was an exception made for younger children who could participate in the programs and show progress.  

During the team’s visit, a few club members were able to share their stories in English, and showed some of their technology and art projects.  The visit was not only impactful for the club children, but also for the volunteers, who receive a basic incentive for working at the club.

Thanks to a generous donation from Rick, the Boys and Girls Club were able to purchase a bus and supplies to further enhance their efforts, and the volunteers received a bonus for their hard work.