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At Tetra Pak, our approach to sustainability derives from our brand promise: PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™. That means protecting food, through our processing and packaging activities. But it also means protecting people, both inside and outside the company. And it means protecting futures: our...
School Feeding Programmes deliver nutrition direct to the classroom, improving children’s health and boosting their capacity to learn, while also helping to stimulate economic development.
The Tetra Pak Index is an annual report focused on providing insights into the global trends and opportunities shaping the future of the food and drink industry.
Our regular Sustainability Updates provide a comprehensive picture of how we are striving to drive the sustainability agenda across all areas of our business, and our progress towards our goals.
Every year the report aims to investigate new opportunities for growth in the key categories of our customers, and provide industry-watchers with information about the latest facts, figures and trends, both in terms of consumer behaviour and industry reaction. In particular, this year, we have...




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