Sustainability Update 2017

At Tetra Pak, our approach to sustainability derives from our brand promise: PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™. That means protecting food, through our processing and packaging activities. But it also means protecting people, both inside and outside the company. And it means protecting futures: our planet’s, our customers’ and our own.

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Sustainable Development Goals

3 Best Practices to Remember When Choosing a Sustainability Framework
As early trading and bartering have grown into a booming, trillion dollar world economy over the last several hundred years, so has the need for companies to reevaluate how they are participating in this economy.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Playing Our Part -- Tetra Pak Supports School Feeding in Bolivia
Our years of school feeding experience is helping to improve nutrition and, in turn, the educational outcomes, for school children in Bolivia.


Tetra Pak Publishes 2017 Sustainability Report in Accordance With GRI
Tetra Pak today published its 2017 Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s annual progress and key achievements in the areas of environmental performance, social responsibility and corporate governance. For the first time since it started publishing a Sustainability report in 2004, the company has adopted Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, the most widely-used international framework for measuring and communicating sustainability performance.

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